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I'm a MossyBack and I'm OK!

The MossyBacks are well known for their high quality and vigorous dancing.


For the Cotswold traditions we dance, we dress in white shirts and white pants with accent colors of red and black.  Red suspenders hold up our pants while rosettes and armbands bring on the color.  Most unique are our red shoes, socks and red baseball hats. Ask us about the rest of the kit.

Our headgear can vary from the formal and fancy red bowler to the casual red baseball hat depending on the venue. 

For other traditions, such as the Border or Fire dances, you may find us in black tights with colorful raggy coats, and on fine summer 'casual evenings, you may encounter our 'summer kit' - Hawaiian shirts and white pants. And of course... red shoes!


You can meet us all individually below:

The Mo'Backs Themselves

Bob Greco - Founding member, Dancer, Musician (melodeon), and previously with the Binghamton Morris Men (yes you can blame them).

Francis Attanasio - Esteemed and deliriously Happy Squire. Comes to us from Pinewoods Morris via California.

Ian Martindale - Token Brit, Foreman, aviation guy, still not retired from Boeing. Ian has been percussionist for bands such as Barking Monkey, Coventry and Bare Bones. Currently also drummer for North by Northwest Morris.

Nick Bull - Bagman, Yet another Token Brit, yet another gift from Boeing.

Peter Lemme - Once with Boeing, now a .com and aviation blog guy. Inventor of the Moback Portable Hot Tub, and provider of all the luxury conveniences on road trips!

Lars Watson - Founding member, previously of Pike Place Morris. Helping FEMA save the world.

Jim Rymsza - Fine Philadelphian Fiddler. Architect by trade.

Darryl Hall - Our man often on the high seas.

Mark Perotti - Saving the world, one electrical problem and homebrew recipe at a time.

Jamie Marshall - Also saving the world through electricary, cider and master chef shenanigins.

Edmund Stevens - Renowned dancer, singer and melodeon player. We are fortunate to have stolen him from the Bridgetown Morris Men

Liz Savage - Dancer, singer, Melodeon player and teacher of many things. Came to us via Sound and Fury Morris and Belladonna Morris.

Carter Bannerman - Musician and keeper of the tunes. Master of a multitude of 8-stringed instruments

Joe Burks - Used to dance with Berkeley Morris - now slave to the almighty Micro-soft company

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