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Skagit Valley Herald reports "Dancers display bizarre but traditional style"


"They looked like hallucinogenic chimney sweeps, like images from a fever dream where Charles Dickens meets Dr. Seuss and they dance the hootchy-kootchy."

From the annual fall tour.  This year we were joined by the Vancouver Morris Men and Tiddley Cove Morris both from Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  The MossyBacks were dancing border morris.

Skagit Herald Headline.gif
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Real Press

MossyBacks in the News

Here are "reprints" of the fine articles written in various different publications about the MossyBacks

University Herald, Seattle Washington.
The Morris Men: Dancing on the far side.


"Imagine Fred Astaire clad entirely in white, except for scores of red, yellow and green ribbons and some red high top tennis shoes, leaping off a curb with a New Guinea tribesman."

From a tour in the University District in Seattle.  Great quotes from the team. 

University Herald.gif

The Seattle Times, Seattle Washington.
Fat Tuesday revelry simmers in anticlimax

"...who roamed the area, dancing like wood nymphs and waving napkins in the air to accordion music.  ...  Their leader, Bob Greco, said the dances were 'olde English.'  He's from The Bronx, NY."

The MossyBacks dance at the Pioneer Square Fat Tuesday celebration the year after it was shut down due to riots.

Seattle Times Fat Tuesday.gif

Nice review From the Whidbey Herald as a preview of our annual tour of Whidbey Island

whidbey weekly.jpeg

Letters of Reference

The MossyBack Morris Men have danced to the delight of thousands of onlookers.  Many of our performances were invitational occasions. Some were uninvited but appreciated nevertheless. Some of the people were nice enough to thank us with a letter.  Here are samples of letters received.  

Where there is a link, click on the letters for a readable image. If you would like us to perform for you or your organization please contact us at the Contact us link.


Our piece de resistance- a letter from the then Mayor of Seattle, Charles Royer, thanking us for dancing for Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh during their visit here.  "The Queen was very impressed..."


We danced for British Airways at their "English Tea Party" at SeaTac Airport.

British Airways.gif

Mick McHugh has been a great supporter.  We've danced at many of his restaurants.  He used to give us free beer but then found it was cheaper just to pay us.  We danced at the original Jake O'Shaughnessey's on Mercer St. when the first keg of Red Hook Ale was rolled out and tasted.

Mick McHugh.gif

The MossyBacks were part of several Revels performances.  Very professional seasonal celebrations led by John Langstaff.


Kent, WA (south of Seattle) does a Renaissance type fair called The Canterbury Faire. 

Canterbury Faire.gif

Down Manor is a retirement home in Hood River, OR.  We had a lovely tour there together with the Mayfield Morris and Sword team from CA.

Down Manor.gif

We danced for many years on twelfth night for an Episcopal church in West Seattle.  The Reverend and staff were quite entertaining themselves.  Reverend Ralph says "Very High Marks." 

Rev Ralph.jpg

A nice letter from Karen Haas of Fort Nisqually, an historic site at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA.  We danced for their Queen Victoria's Birthday Celebration.

Fort Nisqually.gif

Another good karma stand - Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Harborview Medical.gif
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